Access to The Hatter’s discovery playground. Experience an “alternative now” as perceived by The Hatter’s selection of disruptive artists and innovators.



What is The House of the Hatter?

The House of the Hatter is a wildly immersive walk-through exhibit, featuring cultural disruptors in the arts and technology. Showcased attractions are completely interactive and exist to challenge conventional thinking.

Can I attend if I’m under 21?

Sorry! Though The Hatter aims to inspire innovation in everyone, we will be serving an array of curious cocktails only suitable for trailblazers 21 years and older.

What should I bring?

Your sense of discovery and an open mind. Oh, and also a valid I.D.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Tickets to The House of the Hatter are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Hatter anticipates a considerable reception, however, if availability allows on the day of his exhibition, he will certainly not turn away a curious mind. Check the tickets page of for the latest availability.

What time should I arrive?

The Hatter requests that all guests arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ticket time. For an optimal experience, please plan to arrive early to allow one of the hands of The Hatter to complete your registration and provide you with your personalized time stamp card.

What if I’m running late to my scheduled slot?

Make haste! Remember, The House of the Hatter is a timed experience. If you arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled time, you will still be granted admission by The Hatter. Nevertheless, you will will still be expected to depart the house at the ended of your originally scheduled session.

How long can I spend inside the house?

Guests who purchase a general admission ticket will have 1.5 hours to explore, discover and play.

Can I take photos?

Absolutely. Be sure to tag The Hatter with @houseofthehatter and use #HotH18 for opportunities to win spectacular swag from inquisitor extraordinaire himself.

Will there be food?

A selection of toothsome treats will be available, but this is not a dinner party. For those looking to satisfy their minds AND their stomachs, The Hatter does provide an array of “after-Hatter” destinations where friends of The Hatter can show their time stamp cards to receive secret menu items.

Is The House of The Hatter ADA compliant?

Yes, The House of the Hatter is ADA compliant. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the hands of The Hatter ahead of time at and we will be happy to assist you.