The Hatter’s Legacy


No one in this day and age has actually seen “The Hatter.” A rather curious curator, many associate The Hatter with his famous collection of innovations, oddities and art pieces. He is said to be both worldly and other-worldly at the same time – a fascinating enigma.

Some say The Hatter is the oldest living man on earth. Some say he’s the reincarnate of humanity’s oldest contributors to the arts (or perhaps he was their muse). Others insist he isn’t a man at all, but merely a myth.

Though his true origins remain unconfirmed, many attribute him with the discovery and cultivation of historical and modern day geniuses. From DaVinci to Jobs, Plato to Einstein, it is rumored that he is the driving force behind all major technological and cultural disruptors of our time and centuries past.

Whatever you believe, no one can deny the pure splendor that lay beyond the front doors of his innovation laboratory.


The House of the Hatter

Quietly challenging convention from behind the scenes, The Hatter sees beauty and value in the unusual, the odd, and the unorthodox – and he puts it on display for all to appreciate.

Open to the public only once a year, “The House of the Hatter” is the ultimate showcase of the intersection of art and technology. He welcomes guests into his house to discover an “alternative now” where all their experiences are reinvented and delivered anew.

On this night, The Hatter displays his latest selection of disruptors who are shaping culture as we know it. Guests have an exclusive opportunity to explore these innovations up close, before the inquisitor extraordinaire closes his doors once again.